Sunday, December 2, 2012

China - Final Thoughts

The North Carolina Education Delegation experienced a meaningful journey as participants learned about the Chinese culture, landscape, educational philosophies and organizational structures, and gracious people. Edgecombe Community College, in particular, has numerous opportunities to partner with Chinese educational institutions of all types.  Sharing teaching/learning practices, participating in short-term faculty and student exchanges, and sharing in professional development for faculty and staff are only a few of the ways that we can collaborate. Edgecombe looks forward to further developing its relationship with the Global Classroom Alliance and other educational partners.

Zhu ni zou yun (I wish you good luck) and Zai jian (Goodbye).

Visiting Area Schools

The photo captures discussions with the Beijing Foreign
Studies University. The university has trained over 200 Ambassadors,
with the university offering over 60 languages. The university is known
world wide for its language training and for its successful graduates.

The delegation visited the Tongwen high school affiliated with
the Beijing Foreign Studies University.

The delegation visited the Changping No. 1 High School
and talked with students.  These students in the photo were interested
in learning more about Edgecombe Community College.
Both were most concerned about the air quality in Edgecombe County,
and they were also interested in whether Tarboro had opera for entertainment.

These special high school students were interested in studying in the United States.

High School students entertained the delegation at dinner.

The students, below, joined me at the table for dinner.  The students
had selected American names by which they introduced themselves.
They enjoyed listening to pop artists Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

Charlie Harrell is shown surrounded by students enjoying their
opportunity to speak English with him and with the other delegation members.

The Great Wall

The delegation visited the Mutianyu Great Wall with students as our escorts.

Charlie Harrell with Jason, his student
escort, at the Great Wall.

Deborah Lamm is standing with her student escort near
the entrance of the Great Wall.

The Mutianyu Great Wall with smog hovering over the mountains.

The air quality is more apparent in this photo at the Great Wall.

The attractive structures on the mountainside leading to the Wall.

Sightseers along the path of the Great Wall.

The magnitude of the wall along the top of the mountains
can be seen in the photo below.

The photo is taken after a climb to a higher section of the wall. 

Charlie Harrell is shown descending the steep steps from one of
the highest sections of the Mutianyu Wall.

Rocky Mount Mayor David Combs returns from climbing one of
the steepest sections of the wall.

Scenes from Beijing

Friday, November 2, 2012.  Life in Beijing.

Heavy traffic in the large cities, such as Beijing.

Remnants of the "old China."