Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Local Cuisine and Sights

Monday, October 29, 2012.  The delegation attended a luncheon in Hangzhou to celebrate the signing of the MOU with Zhejiang University. Seated to the left is Bill Allen of NC Wesleyan, and Charlie Harrell and Deborah Lamm of ECC.

Chicken cooked in a lotus leaf is a popular dish shown in the photo below. Other ways chicken is prepared is in a stew or soup. The cleaned (but boned) body of the chicken is chopped into small pieces, dropped in boiling water to cook, along with the head, legs, and feet.  Fried chicken feet,  goat meat, and beef tongue are served as well.  

Chinese food in China is very different from Chinese food in America. Typically all parts of the animal or fowl are cooked and served. Duck, in the photo below, is served with the head and legs and feet on the platter. Prawns (like shrimp) were served with the head, legs, tail, and shell. Most people ate the prawns in their entirety while others peeled them and only ate the body. Fish was cooked and served with the head attached. Often fish stomach was lightly fried and eaten as a separate dish. Sushi was popular as was fresh fruit. Wine, beer, and bottled water were beverage choices. Soft drinks were sometimes served, upon request.

The entire NC Delegation is taking a walking tour of one area in Shanghai.

West Lake in Hangzhou, China

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